Jim Hereford established the company in 1996

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Jim Hereford is a Spokane, Washington-based businessman who has long been involved in the telecommunications industry. Not many people can make this claim because the telecommunications industry itself really is not that old. Jim Hereford, though, is the Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, of a company called Fiber Net Inc. Jim Hereford is, not coincidentally, also the founder of Fiber Net Inc. Jim Hereford established the company in 1996 and it is today a family enterprise—with his brother, Jed, and his father, Ed, involved in various aspects of the management of Fiber Net Inc.’s nationwide operations. Fiber Net Inc.’s headquarters is in Spokane, Washington, but the company maintains an additional office in Denver, Colorado.

Fiber Net Inc. offers services related to fiber optic cables, including directional drilling services and cable placement. Fiber Net Inc. has been able to work with some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. This includes Verizon, Century Link, and AT&T.

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